Identification of O-ring seals with Lyza 7000 FTIR spectrometer

The correct material of O-rings is of utmost importance to the safe operation of machinery and equipment and therefore needs to be checked for quality control during production, at incoming goods inspection, or at the point of installation. It is not possible to visually differentiate specific O-ring materials. A quick identification by Lyza 7000 FTIR spectrometer equipped with an ATR measuring cell solves this problem. By using a predefined elastomer library, any operator can check the material type of an O-ring of unknown material.

O-ring seals in various shapes and sizes are part of almost every technical machinery or product – they seal your waterproof headphones, they withstand steam and harsh chemicals in machinery, and they need to have certain properties to be used in food processing. Therefore, identification and quality control of O-rings are crucial when inspecting incoming goods.

FTIR spectroscopy using a Germanium ATR measurement cell is a non-invasive and reliable tool to identify O-ring materials quickly.

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