High temperature behaviour and polymorphism of NaSrVO4 a larnite related structure

An in-situ study to investigate the behaviour of the NaSr-vanadate crystal structure as a function of temperature

Numerous compounds can be described with the general formula AIBIIXO4 (AI = alkali ion, BII = alkali-earth ion, X = P, V, As). Although the phosphate fami-ly is well investigated, less is known on arsenate and vanadate. In general all of them are known to have outstanding ferroelectric, ferroelastic or photolumines-cent properties.

The title compound belongs to the ASrVO4 (A = alkali ions) family, however very little is known so far for this specific one and several composition (A = Li, Rb, Cs) are even not reported till now. NaSrVO4 is used as phosphor with enhanced photoluminescence intensi-ties due to doping with Eu3+ or co-doping with Eu3+ and Bi3+. A second study shows that in general the replacement of the PO3-4 ions with isomorphic VO3-4 ions improves the structural stability and the overall intensity of the emission. Furthermore, Sm3+-doped NaSrVO4 may be used as near ultraviolet (n-UV) convertible orange-red emitting phosphor in light emitting diodes (LEDs).

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