Gum Content of Lamination Oil

Quality assurance is essential for producing companies. In the aluminum industry the surface quality of the material is a determining factor. To maintain a steady product the lamination oil of lamination machines is checked constantly. Anton Paar offers with the GUM a secure and easy to use instrument.

This Application Report describes how the gum content of lamination oil is determined with the Anton Paar gum tester. Oil samples of four lamination machines were tested to prove that Anton Paar’s GUM is the best solution. 

For the lamination process of aluminum a dearomatized hydrocarbon product is used. It is very important to know the quality of this lamination oil constantly, because if it is contaminated, stains can appear at the aluminum surface. The main contaminant is the lubricating oil of the lamination machine. This can happen due to technical problems of the machines. 

The GUM was designed to measure the existent gum content of aircraft fuels, motor gasoline and other volatile distillates in their finished form which is the residue that cannot be evaporated. The amount of gum present reflects the condition of the fuel and is an indicator of contamination.

The measuring principle is based on ASTM D381 and IP 540. To determine the gum content a measured quantity of the sample is evaporated under controlled conditions of temperature and flow of air or steam. The resulting residue is weighed afterwards.

With the GUM it is possible to verify if lubricating oil is contaminating the lamination oil. Samples of 50 mL are evaporated under controlled conditions of temperature and the flow of air or steam.

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