Gas Pycnometry for the Measurement of Foams

Important structural properties of foams can be readily determined using gas pycnometry. Complying with ASTM D6226, gas pycnometers like the Ultrapyc 5000 Foam are suitable for the determination of the open and closed cell content of polymer foams. Both the uncorrected and corrected cell content assessments can be made via this technique. In addition, compressibility and cell fracture can also be determined.


Open and closed cell assessment, both uncorrected and corrected, compressibility, and cell fracture measurements can be made on a gas pycnometer with a few calculations, or on an instrument specifically designed to guide an operator through this process and perform the calculations automatically, such as the Ultrapyc 5000 Foam gas pycnometer. These capabilities, along with its complete repertoire of traditional gas pycnometer functions, i.e., skeletal density measurement, make the Ultrapyc 5000 Foam a valuable tool for developers and manufacturers of polymer foams. 

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