Fuels | Viscosity Measurement of Diesel Fuel - SVM 3001 Application Report

The Anton Paar SVM 3001 allows for reliable determination of both kinematic and dynamic viscosity at all temperatures, which are relevant for diesel fuel. Get precision equal to ASTM D445 with significantly less effort for cooling.


Besides a number of other parameters, most diesel fuel types must fulfill viscosity specifications according to the respective standards. The
SVM 3001 Viscometer provides simultaneous determination of kinematic viscosity and density according to ASTM D7042 (also
DIN EN 16896) and D4052. It is an excellent solution for fast and economical viscosity measurement at standard as well as negative temperatures. Even for measuring the quality of winter diesel at -20 °C, no external cooling is required.

This report describes specifically how to test diesel fuels with the SVM 3001 to get data comparable to ASTM D445, DIN 51562, and ISO 3104.

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