Fuels | SVM 1001 for Measuring Kinematic Viscosity of Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels

The kinematic viscosity of diesel and biodiesel fuel can be measured fast, accurately and economically with Anton Paar’s SVM 1001 viscometers. Important information about quality and classification can be obtained without the need for time-consuming manual measurements and calculations.

The kinematic viscosity of diesel is an essential parameter when it comes to the correct function of a diesel engine, as it has a direct effect on the operation of the fuel pump and injection system. The viscosity of (bio-)diesel influences the lubrication of injection nozzle and injection pump; further, it provides information about the atomization behaviour of the fuel and the size of fuel droplets in the spray.

The SVM 1001 series are easy-to-use, accurate and economical instruments for the automatic measurement of kinematic viscosity. The instrument is available in two different models: SVM 1001 and SVM 1001 Simple Fill. Both instruments operate according to standard test method ASTM D7042 and provide D445 bias-correction. SVM 1001 Simple Fill offers particular convenience as it provides automatic filling, cleaning and drying.

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