From Brittle to Soft: Characterization of Metal Alloys Using DMA in Torsion at Highest Temperatures.

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) is a strong tool for the characterization of solid materials. The high-temperature devices from Anton Paar enable DMA up to 1000 °C, and thus allow the physicomechanical measurements of a broad range of metals.

Metal is a versatile material that is of technological, scientific, and economic importance. It is used for many different applications in fields like construction, electronic industry, aerospace, and aviation. The use of dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) enables the characterization of metals and metal alloys from the solid, mainly elastic state, towards the viscoelastic state during softening. It reveals information about mechanical behavior as a function of the temperature. Viscoelastic materials show frequency-dependent mechanical behavior during oscillatory deformation, which can be revealed by applying different frequencies during the measurement.

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