Food | Viscosity Measurement of Dough with RheolabQC

Rheological properties of dough play an essential role in the production and baking process of all kinds of baked food products. This report shows example measurements on different kinds of dough and describes which instrument configuration of the RheolabQC is best suited for such measurements.

Knowledge of the viscosity of dough is essential for the manufacturing and production process as well as for quality control of the final product. To predict the final product quality good knowledge of the dough properties is necessary. With the RheolabQC it is possible to simulate the behavior at rest (low rotational speed) and under transporting/stirring conditions (high rotational speed).

Experimental Setup

All measurements shown here were performed with an Anton Paar RheolabQC equipped with the Peltier temperature device C-PTD 180/AIR/QC.

The rheometer measures the viscosity of the sample by measurement of rotational torque and speed.

The Peltier temperature device C-PTD 180/AIR/QC ensures a homogenous temperature distribution in the sample and can be used in a temperature range from 0 ºC to +180 ºC for quick and accurate temperature control. It is air-counter cooled and does not require any thermal transfer liquids. The temperature of the measuring system can be controlled manually directly on the rheometer or by using the Anton Paar rheometer software. The heating rate can be chosen with the software.

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