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Total solids are measured to ensure the quality of milk and milk products. They can easily be determined in milk and milk products such as condensed milk within seconds with a refractometer from Anton Paar.

Milk is a complex chemical substance. Major ingredients are fats, proteins, milk sugar and water. Processed milk products such as sweetened condensed milk contain further ingredients, such as sucrose. The percentage of these total solids, also referred to as dry matter, varies depending on different factors like the animal it comes from, the animal’s nutrition and the season. Moreover, additional water, added vegetable fats, or a different amount of sucrose in sweetened condensed milk influences the total solid level, respectively.

The determination of total solids in different kinds of milk and (sweetened) condensed milk helps to ensure its quality. Traditionally, total solids can be measured gravimetrically, which takes several hours. As the percentage of total solids correlates with the refractive index, a fast alternative for the gravimetric analysis is the determination of total solids via refractometry needing no sample preparation. The Abbemat series from Anton Paar offers fast and reliable results for this kind of application.

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