Food | Spreadability of Hazelnut Cream

Is the spreadability of hazelnut cream the same in every country? This report shows how simple rheological tests with the rotational rheometer RheolabQC can answer this question.

Rheological measurements of food samples often build an important basis for the evaluation of their quality. This application report shows such a typical measurement for a hazelnut cream with the RheolabQC.

Generally speaking, it is common in the food industry, to adapt the food to the customer‘s wishes. For hazelnut cream this could mean to optimize the spreadability and mouth-feel. These parameters are directly related to the product‘s rheological parameters like the viscosity and yield point.

For this report a hazelnut cream from Germany was compared to a hazelnut cream from Croatia. Both hazelnut creams were produced for the same brand in different countries. The difference in the spreadability of the two samples was investigated with a rotational rheological test.

From the information about the ingredients we can see that German and Croatian hazelnut cream contain the same ingredients but in a slightly different composition. So the same product purchased in different European countries may vary in its composition. But does this also influence its spreadability? This can be tested with a rheological measurement.

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