Food | Rotational Viscosity Testing of Porridge with ViscoQC

Porridge is a typical meal for infants and elderly people, who have difficulties in swallowing solid food. Rotational viscosity testing with ViscoQC helps to improve the acceptance of the food by the target group. The viscosity plays a major role in how easy the porridge is to swallow.

Porridge is a meal for various groups of people. It is a typical food for infants as well as for older and sick people. Nowadays it is also very often eaten as healthy breakfast. All of them require a porridge with a sufficient energy density and an acceptable consistency. Each group of people desires a different thickness of the food. Infants need a more liquid food and older people need a more paste-like food for easier swallowing and to prevent aspiration. Moreover, to be able to eat the porridge with a spoon, it needs to have a certain thickness.

These examples show how important the viscosity analysis of porridge is. To obtain a consistent thickness and quality of the food it is very important to include the viscosity measurement in the quality control. A rotational viscometer like ViscoQC 100/300 is a commonly-used and cheap instrument for quality control of such sample types to easily determine production errors.

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