Food | Liquid Food Flavors with SVM 3001 and Abbemat Refractometer

Flavors are one of the most important ingredients of foodstuff. They are of the utmost significance for consumer acceptance and repeat purchase intent for food products. Viscosity, density and refractive index of flavors are important parameters. Anton Paar’s SVM 3001 and Abbemat refractometer is a perfect solution for simultaneous viscosity, density and refractive index measurement.

Flavors are one of the most important ingredients in food products. We can distinguish between natural flavoring (e.g. essential oils) and artificial flavoring (synthetic aroma chemicals). Commercial flavors are mainly available as liquids dissolved or emulsified in a carrier solvent (pure vegetable oils, propylene glycol, triacetin, ethanol…), further as extracts, concentrates, and other. There are different parameters influencing processing, mixing, degradation and shelf life. Kinematic viscosity, density and refractive index, mainly measured at 20 °C are important parameters for processing and to check the stability and shelf life of the flavors. The viscosity of a liquid flavor also influences the flavor perception and the mouth feeling. A changing RI of a substance can indicate an impurity or degradation. This report describes how to measure the viscosity and the refractive index of Newtonian liquid food flavors simultaneously from one syringe.

For these tests the modular combination of SVM 3001 and Abbemat 550 was used. The viscometer as master instrument controls the refractometer. This setup allows measurement and calculation of all parameters simultaneously from one syringe.

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