Food | Inline °Brix measurement of sugar juice and sugar molasses during beet and sugar cane processing, using L-Sonic 5100 high-tech sensors from Anton Paar

For a reliable, exact and fast inline °Brix measurement of thin and thick sugar juice during evaporation process, sugar molasses and inline NaOH concentration measurement during juice purification, Anton Paar offers a field proven sensor solution. The L-Sonic 5100 sound velocity sensor combines flexibility, durability and precision in one system and enables a 24/7 inline measurement of the curtail °Brix or NaOH values with an accuracy of up to ±0.1 and better.

Anton Paar, the reliable partner

Sugar – a sweet-tasting crystalline ingredient that can be found in almost every household these days. Sugar is an important economic trade good and enables us to give beverages and foods an extra touch of sweetness.
Anton Paar offers a variety of successful application so-lutions for the sugar beet and sugar cane processing in-dustry, starting with small hand-held and complex labora-tory benchtop devices up to smart, robust and process proven inline measurement systems.
The L-Sonic 5100 inline sound velocity sensor reflects one of our process meters that has already been suc-cessfully installed in sugar factories for measuring °Brix and density of the extracted thin and thick sugar juice as well as sugar molasses or NaOH concentration. Thanks to its design and physical measuring principle, this sen-sor is insensitive to sugar coating, requires no mainte-nance and can be installed within seconds and very cost efficient in the main pipeline or in a bypass. The sensor has no optical device which can get coated, does not re-quire a pump and can measure very precisely at flow-rates from >0 m/s to 6 m/s providing accuracies up to ±0.1 °Brix and better.
Discover, how the L-Sonic 5100 inline sound velocity sensor can be used to enhance the sugar production process and makes life even sweeter.

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