Food, Beverage | Viscosity Testing of Fruit and Vegetable Drinks and Purees

How can viscosity testing help in the production and quality control of fruit and vegetable juices and purees? This report shows how simple rheological tests can be performed in the food and beverage industry to reach perfect consistency of the products.

Rheological measurements of food and beverage samples often build an important basis for the evaluation of their quality. This application report shows some typical measurements that are very useful during and even after production of fruit and vegetable juices and purees with the RheolabQC.

Generally speaking, it is common in the food industry, to adapt the food to the customer‘s wishes. For fruit and vegetable drinks and purees this can mean to achieve a “smooth flow behavior“ and “natural mouth feel“ allowing an optimized taste. More complex characteristics like how easily the product can be swallowed, for example by younger children, can be adapted as well with the help of rotational rheological tests.

Many important parameters for the production control but also for the development of new products are directly related to the product‘s rheological parameters like the viscosity and yield point.

For this report some representative samples from the very broad range of fruit and vegetable juices and purees were tested

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