Food, Beverage | Rotational Viscosity Testing of Honey and Fruit Syrup with ViscoQC

The viscosity of honey and syrup is critical for several process steps (e.g. pumping, filling) and is a good indicator for the product’s quality. A rotational viscometer like ViscoQC is perfectly suited for quality control checks of viscous liquids.

Fruit syrup and honey are thick liquids with a high sugar content. Concentrating juice to fruit syrup reduces the product’s volume and weight, while the taste becomes more intense. This results in a stable product with lower costs for packaging, storage, and transportation.

The viscosity of honey and syrup plays a major role in processing equipment design, product development, transport, and quality control.

The viscosity of fruit syrups is influenced by their composition, especially type of fruit and treatment performed in its technological process, temperature, and concentration. The viscosity of honey depends on the kind of honey (source of nectar and bee types), water content, and temperature.

Most fruit syrups and honey products are known to be Newtonian. That means, the viscosity stays constant at rest and while a force is applied. The viscosity of viscous liquids is commonly tested with a rotational viscometer like ViscoQC.

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