Food, Beverage, Pharma | Flow Curve Tests on Clinical Nourishments

The rotational rheometer RheolabQC can measure flow curves of low viscous food samples over a wide shear rate range. Such flow curves on the example of different medical drinks are shown in this report.

Why to Measure Flow Curves of Medical Food Products

Clinical nourishments are needed for a wide range of applications. Two examples are nutritional drinks with a high energy, protein and fat content for the treatment of malnutrition or thickened fluids for managing swallowing disorders.

Swallowing problems and disorders are a common complaint, dysphagia is the medical term for difficulty in swallowing. Thickened fluids are often used to manage dysphagia because they are easier to eat and drink.

By adding a shear thickening agent to a low viscosity fluid, such as low viscous milk products, a weak gelatin structure is formed. The presence gel structure makes the fluid higher viscous, which makes swallowing easier.

With rheometers like the RheolabQC we can measure this behavior and guarantee that the customers are satisfied.

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