Food | Apparent Purity of Sucrose and Technical Sugar Solutions

Analytical process control is done at all stages of sugar production. According to ICUMSA standards, the MCP Sucromat saccharimeter together with the Abbemat refractometer analyzes sugar samples on sucrose content, Brix and apparent purity.

In the early part of the last century, sugars, both of beet and cane origin, where sold containing excessive quantities of impurities. This led to establishing criteria for the purity of the sugars or the degree of purification involved in the manufacture of the sugar.

Sugar manufacturing is a separation and purification process in which sugar cane or beet, a raw material of medium sucrose content and juice purity, is processed to a highly pure product, crystal sugar. By-products are final molasses, bagasse and filter cake with low sucrose contents or low purities. It is the aim of every sugar factory to crystallize most of the sugar received with the cane and beet, and to keep sugar losses in by-products and undetermined losses at the lowest possible level.

The requirements for a satisfactory sugar yield are good quality of the raw material and good process management. This can only be fulfilled if the chemical control laboratory supplies sufficient information.

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