Testing the flammability of battery electrolytes with ABA X00

Different solvents or mixtures thereof are used for the production of Li-Ion battery electrolytes. The flash point of the respective solvent is essential for quality control and thermal safety.

Most plug-in hybrids, hybrids and all-electric vehicles use lithium ion batteries for high power to weight ratio, energy density and long cycle life.

With increasing circulation of lithium-ion batteries especially the thermal safety behavior became a focus of public interest. Conventional electrolytes have flash points of about 40 °C. Since lithium-ion cells easily reach temperatures above 50 °C, there is a high risk that flammable gases escape if the cell is mechanically damaged. Therefore, a safety evaluation also should include flammability test, such as flash point tests of the solvents used for the electrolytes of the lithium-ion cells.

This application report provides information about how to test the flash point of battery electrolytes used for lithium-ion based batteries with Anton Paar's ABA 500, ABA 300 and PMA 500.


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