Finding a Sphere in the Haystack - Detection of Single Particles using Dynamic Image Analysis

The Litesizer DIA 500 demonstrates remarkable efficacy by accurately identifying a single sphere immersed in a 600 mL liquid tank. This showcases its exceptional sample dispersion capability and powerful image acquisition resolution.

Litesizer DIA 500 employs dynamic image analysis to assess the size and morphology of particles across a wide range, from 0.8 to 8000 µm, applicable to both wet and dry samples. Beyond its use in routine quality control and standard measurements, Litesizer DIA 500 serves as a tool for identifying outliers and individual particles within otherwise uniform materials like powders or dispersions. This functionality is crucial for maintaining product integrity, as it involves detecting particles that deviate in size and shape from the bulk material.

Using Kalliope software and its filtering capabilities, Litesizer DIA 500 facilitates the detection of even a singular particle that falls outside specified parameters.

In this application report, we evaluate the capability of Litesizer DIA 500 to detect a single sphere introduced into the liquid circuit filled with 600 mL of water.

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