FAM ILS testing program for Flash Point of Gear oil

Anton Paar participated in the FAM ILS Testing Program 2023 to test the gear oil samples 593 and 594 with the PMA 500 and achieved top results.

To verify the excellent precision of Anton Paar’s automatic Pensky Martens Closed Cup tester, since 1996 we have been regularly participating in the FAM (Fachausschuss Mineralöl- und Brennstoffnormung, standardization committee for mineral oils and fuels) ILS testing program.

In this FAM ILS the gear oil samples 593 and 594 have been analyzed by 21 participating laboratories.

The performance of the PMA 500 was found to be exceptional since the deviation of the PMA 500 test results (barometric pressure corrected values) from the ILS average is remarkably low as shown in the comparison tables.

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