Extrusion of Pulses for the Production of Meat Analogues

This study explores the potential of pulse flours as prime candidates for meat analogue production using extrusion technology. Focused on air-classified protein-enriched fractions, our research highlights a promising opportunity for the food industry to advance in sustainable and nutritious alternatives.

The meat alternative sector is experiencing notable growth, offering a significant opportunity for the food industry. With an increasing consumer demand for sustainable alternatives that replicate the sensory attributes of meat, extrusion has emerged as a pivotal technology in the production of these substitutes. Conventionally, protein isolates and concentrates have been the primary raw materials. However, their production processes often entail environmental concerns and yield products with nutritional imbalances.
In this context, protein-enriched fractions derived from pulses present a compelling alternative. These fractions, obtained through air-classified pulse flours, offer a sustainable and potentially more nutritionally balanced raw material for the extrusion-based manufacturing of meat alternatives.

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