Extraction of Environmental Samples for the Determination of PCBs and OCS

Contaminations of soil by polychlorinated aromatic compounds, like PCBs and octachlorostyrene originate from industrial activities. Owing to the persistence, toxicology and bioaccumulation of these compounds they are frequently detected in environmental solid samples. A combined analytical methodology with microwave extraction was tested and compared with standard methods.


The extractions were performed with the pressurized microwave extraction system Multiwave 3000 (Rotor 8SOLV and solvent safety system), a predecessor of Multiwave 5000.

By using the Rotor 16SOLV and the Safety Module SOLV the method is reliably adaptable to Multiwave 5000.

The determination of the investigated 6 PCBs and the polychlorinated aromatic compound OCS was carried out by GC-MS (Hewlett-Packard, HP6890 and HP5973) in SIM-Mode.

Calibration was accomplished by internal standardization with PCB 209.

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