Ex-Situ and In-Situ Time Consolidation Measurements of a Protein Powder and a Salt Blend

Temperature and humidity can have a strong impact on bulk solid behavior. Above the glass transition temperature, an amorphous solid can clump and sinter together. Above a deliquescence point, a crystalline material can cake and fuse together. Both scenarios impede flow. Understanding the changes, which a bulk material undergoes in the solidified state, enables materials to be characterized and conditions to be designed to maintain powders in a flowable state.

The characteristics of powders or bulk materials can be affected by various parameters, including Van der Waal forces, electrostatic interactions, viscoelastic deformation, and sintering. Powders with sufficient interactions between particles can clump, cake together, and not flow. Anton Paar’s Powder Shear Cell (PSC) is used to characterize consolidated powders. In this report, a temperature and humidity-controlled powder shear cell was used to simulate powder characteristics in a bulk packaging and hot environment.

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