Enhancing the Accuracy of Gas Pycnometry Measurements with the Ultrapyc Series

Gas pycnometers measure the volume of solid materials. Important pycnometer design considerations for highest accuracy are temperature stability, sample chamber volume repeatability, and a range of sample and reference cell volume combinations. Experimental parameters also contribute to achieving the best results possible. The Ultrapyc series incorporates each of these factors for the utmost accuracy.


The Ultrapyc series has been designed with the highest level of accuracy in mind with features including Peltier temperature control, an easy-to-use sample chamber lid that ensures sample chamber volume repeatability, and multiple sample chamber and reference chamber volume choices.  

In addition to the instrument design, users can further optimize their results by choosing appropriate experimental parameters. These features and parameters and their contribution to enhancing the accuracy of gas pycnometry measurements are discussed in this application report.

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