Enhancing Quality Control and Preserving Flavor Perfection: Selective O2 Measurements in Soft Drinks

Accurate determination of oxygen levels is crucial to guarantee the quality and shelf life of carbonated soft drinks. These measurements effectively prevent can corrosion and ingredient oxidation. As a result, the reduction of oxygen content within the final packaged products to align with specifications holds paramount significance.

The soft drink industry is seeking a reliable and accurate determination of oxygen levels in cans, glass bottles or PET bottles. This report demonstrates that the Total Package Oxygen meter of Anton Paar allows fast and precise measurements of various soft drinks within less than 4 min, distinguishing between headspace oxygen and dissolved oxygen levels. This selective monitoring of different oxygen levels enables the detection of process errors and ensures stable and reliable quality control. Sources of oxygen entry can be disclosed. 
The use of a CO2 meter combination allows for comprehensive CO2/O2 analysis, which guarantees a distinct and fresh flavor for CSDs while also preventing ingredient and can oxidation.

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