Elevated-temperature X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Strains/Stresses in Al Thin Films on Si (100) Wafers

Stresses in Al thin films at elevated temperatures have been characterized by in-situ XRD. Temperature cycling reveals the changes in the stresses and also the relaxation behavior of the thin film.

Strains and stresses developed in thin metal layers as consequence of thermal straining are supposed to be mainly responsible for mechanical faults in micro- and optoelectronic devices. (1) Therefore the understanding of the origin and the characterization of such temperature-dependent stress-strain fields represents an important issue to improve the thermal stability of components for electronic applications.



1. John H. Lau Van Nostrand Reinhold, Thermal Stress and strain in microelectronics packaging, Chap. 3-5, New York 1993, ISBN 0-442-01058-1

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