Easy Data Transfer via Network

In large laboratories a huge number of test results and information is gathered. The PNR 12 offers a simple way to transfer data from various instruments via network connection to a computer or to your LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). Your data management and processing will be easier helping you to save valuable time.

This Application Report guides you through the different steps of connecting Anton Paar’s penetrometer PNR 12 to a company or local network.

The PNR 12 measures the resistance a material provides against being pierced by a specifically shaped test body. Therefore, a needle-shaped or conical test body is precisely lowered to the surface of the material under test. It will sink into the sample by its own weight for a fixed period of time. This allows a rating of the plasticity or consistency.

When consistency is measured a lot of data is gathered. For this Anton Paar implemented a data storage for up to 200 test results and the possibility to connect various PNR 12 instruments to the network. Via this network transmission data can be transferred easily to Excel® for further calculations or directly sent to the LIMS. This feature gives you several possibilities to process all data gathered.

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