Disposable Inserts for HVT Vessels for subsequent Element Analysis with ICP

With disposable inserts you can now use all HVT Rotors with all their already known benefits with the additional advantage to save time by skipping the cleaning routine and preventing the HVT vessels from contamination.

SmartVent technology allows the safe release of reaction gases at a controlled pressure and thus maintaining a high digestion temperature during the whole digestion process. Therefore an excellent quality of digestion can be guaranteed.

Additionally a high sample throughput, an important demand in various industries and branches, is achieved thanks to compact and easy to handle rotors which are available from 24 to 41 vessels in Multiwave 5000 and 12 in Multiwave GO Plus respectively.

For an even faster workflow, disposable borosilicate glass inserts are now offered for all existing HVT vessels (HVT50, HVT56 and HVT80). Depending on the sample and the concentration of the analyte, vessel cleaning can be a time-consuming task, especially for samples which tend to cause residues of undigested sample material.

In this report the suitability and practical benefit of the inserts is demonstrated by comparison of the recovery rates of representative organic and inorganic sample matrices being digested with and without inserts.

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