Digestion using Rotor 24HVT50

After many years of experience with microwave-assisted closed-vessel digestion (Multiwave 3000, Multiwave PRO) Anton Paar complements its high-end portfolio with Rotor 24HVT50 using SMART VENT technology.


Numbers of different samples; inhomogeneous samples; high sample weight; fast handling; reliable digestion and short answer time in the quality control...Well-known terms and concepts, no matter which industry, production line or testing laboratories will be talked about.

The addition of Rotor 24HVT50 to the Multiwave PRO platform system provides the possibility to easily fulfill these requirements. The concept of the HVT50 vessels working with SMART VENT technology allows for the controlled release of reaction gases. This ensures that high digestion temperatures can be reached, and excellent quality of digestion can be guaranteed.

One of the typical application fields for Rotor 24HVT50 is the routine digestion of organic samples with higher sample weights.

Digestion and leaching of soil and other environmental samples, like sediments, fly ash, etc... are among the most used applications in environmental chemistry.

Working with Rotor 24HVT50 sample amounts up to 2 g are possible for leaching methods.

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