Digestion of Steels and Alloys for Analysis with ICP-OES

Multiwave 7000 offers the opportunity to digest several demanding samples such as low and high alloyed steels or Ni-based alloys for the subsequent determination of their main components even within one run.


The precise and accurate determination of alloying constituents in steels and nickel-based alloys is analytically demanding but of great commercial significance for steel and high performance metal industries.

Closed vessel microwave digestion using Multiwave 7000 followed by ICP-OES analysis provides an accurate and reliable solution. This wetchemical method of analysis is used as an arbitration procedure as well as an important calibration method for X-Ray Spectrometers to ensure high accuracy.

Multiwave 7000 with its well-established PDC (Pressurized Digestion Cavity) offers an advanced temperature level of up to 300 °C, thus providing excellent digestion quality for hard to digest metals requiring higher temperatures.

In order to demonstrate the suitability of Multiwave 7000 for the digestion of steels and high performance alloys several certified reference materials were digested. Afterwards the specified elemental concentrations were determined via ICP-OES, whereas the accuracy is 1-3 % for main components and 5-20 % for trace elements.

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