Digestion of Polymer Samples for Element Analysis with ICP

The Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 series with its PDC (Pressurized Digestion Cavity) offers the opportunity to digest any kind of polymer sample for subsequent element analysis even within one run. PTFE-TFM, quartz and disposable vials can be used in the same digestion experiment enabling the simultaneous digestion of polymer samples with and without HF.

The determination of specific trace elements in polymers may be necessary for various reasons. On one hand the concentration of various elements has to be controlled to be lower than certain limits due to health, safety or environmental requirements (e.g. Hg, Ni and Pb), on the other hand the presence of some elements has to be ensured to be within defined ranges to guarantee desired product characteristics like flame resistance (e.g. Sb and Mg), specific colors (e.g. Cr, Fe and Pb) or thermal, mechanical and electrical properties.

In order to demonstrate the excellent suitability of Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 for sample preparation of polymers prior to element analysis a certified reference material was investigated. The described conditions can be used as a starting point for different kinds of polymers.

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