Digestion of Platinum Group Metals using Multiwave 7501 for Analysis with ICP-MS

Multiwave 7501 offers the opportunity to digest highest demanding samples such as platinum group metals employing significant amounts of hydrochloric acid or aqua regia.

Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) are very valuable and highly useful to industry, therefore knowing the PGM content of materials is of high importance. This is usually done via acid digestion and subsequent elemental analysis with ICP-MS or ICP-OES.
The digestion of PGMs, however, is very challenging, since it requires high temperatures, long reaction times and highly corrosive conditions. While many microwave digestion systems are not able to provide these requirements, Multiwave 7501 tolerates the required conditions and allows temperatures up to 300 °C and increased reaction times. This makes it the ideal reactor for the digestion of PGMs.

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