Digestion of Platinum Group Metals by HPA-S

HPA-S represents the ultimate performance in wet chemical high pressure digestion sample preparation in demanding cases. Hermetically sealed reaction vessels, temperatures up to 320 °C and pressures up to 130 bar guarantee quick and complete mineralization – free of systematic errors.

Platinum group metals (Pt, Pd, Ir, Rh, Ru, Os) are widely used for multiple and essential applications. They are used as primary elements in auto catalysts that control vehicle emissions, as refining catalysts in the petroleum industry as well as for various material technologies and in the jewellery industry.

All platinum group metals show similar chemical behaviour, have high melting and boiling points and are more corrosion resistant than gold and silver.

Classical decomposition methods like fusion or electrolytic oxidation often have to be rejected due to analytical and instrumental reasons.

As Ru, Rh and Ir are not attacked by mineral acids and aqua regia, it is not possible to decompose these elements with classical high pressure digestion. For that reason a special method has been developed, using the HPA-S with specially designed insert vessels for digestion with KClO3.

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