Digestion of Petroleum Samples with PDC

Multiwave 7000 with its PDC (Pressurized Digestion Cavity) offers the opportunity to digest up to 0.75 g of any kind of petroleum sample for subsequent element analysis even within one run. PTFE-TFM, quartz and disposable vials can be used in the same digestion experiment enabling the simultaneous digestion of petroleum samples with and without HF.

1 Introduction

The determination of specific trace elements in petroleum samples may be necessary for various reasons. In crude and residual oils the concentrations of e.g. silicon, aluminum, vanadium, nickel and sodium are used to define their quality and value. Nickel and vanadium in crude oil can deactivate catalysts during processing, but also initiate corrosion in motors and boilers during the combustion when present in fuels. Silicon and aluminum serve as indicators for the presence of abrasive silicate particles, causing harm to the combustion engine.

Being present as particles adds the necessity for very thorough high-speed mixing to the sampling and the sample preparation procedures. Otherwise lower recoveries for particle bound elements like silicon and partially aluminum can be experienced.

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