Diana 700: Metal sample temperature sensor – a sturdy, precise, and proven alternative to fragile glass probes

Comparing the test data for two typical solvents measured with dry point multi-plugs with glass and with metal temperature probe delivered convincing results well within the precision of the method and specification requirements. Goodbye to broken glass probes.

Automatic distillation devices usually measure the sample temperature by using glass temperature probes.These glass temperature probes are fragile, can break easily or may need a special (not standard-conform) protection. Handling these probes in the daily laboratory routines requires extremely careful treatment.

Having to replace a broken glass sensor causes annoying instrument down-time, costs money and invariably requires a validation procedure for the new sensor.

Even the cleaning procedure for a glass sensor after each measurement requires extreme care so as not to break the probe and may therefore be complicated.

As an answer to all these problems, an unbreakable metal sensor is the perfect alternative - provided it is guaranteed that this sensor shows the same results as a glass sensor.

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