Diana 700: Distillation of Gasoline/Diesel Mixtures

Tank terminals might use the same pipeline to transport various oil and petroleum products to and from the refinery, leading to changing mixtures and impurities in the arriving products. Atmospheric distillation can be used to analyze the ratio of gasoline/diesel mixtures and to measure impurities to guarantee fuel quality according to the respective specification.

Tank or oil terminals consist of a number of tanks for storing different products like motor gasoline, diesel fuel, heater oil, heavy oil, or naphtha.

Oil terminals, located close to or as part of refineries are connected through a pipeline to draw or send the products.

If different products are transported through the same pipeline, the product quality and purity need to be carefully supervised to avoid residues of unwanted mixtures or contaminations.

This application report describes the use of the automatic distillation unit Diana 700 for quality control of storage tanks which are supplied with gasoline and diesel through the same pipeline.

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