Determining the Glass Transition Temperature of PEEK with SCF

The glass transition temperature Tg of a high-performance polymer PEEK is measured using a Convection Temperature Device (CTD) and a Solid Circular Fixture (SCF) from Anton Paar. Furthermore, an explanation for the deviation in Tg values via DMA tests and DSC is proposed.

1 Introduction

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) belongs to the category of high-performance thermoplastics. Figure 1 shows a comparison of standard, engineering, and high-performance thermoplastics with respect to their price/performance, production volume and classification according to amorphous or semi-crystalline order of polymer molecules. It is important to mention that PEEK is available as a semi-crystalline thermoplastic as well as an amorphous thermoplastic. However, in most cases semi-crystalline PEEK is used in industry. The high degree of crystallinity of semi-crystalline PEEK compared to many other semi-crystalline thermoplastics leads to a distinct rigidity in the material. Another reason for the rigidity can be found in the stiff ketone groups in the monomers (2). Moreover, these stiff ketone groups are bonded to the relatively large benzyl groups.

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