Determination of Oxidation Stability – a User Guideline

RapidOxy 100 and RapidOxy 100 Fuel are two instruments featuring a unique, extremely fast and accurate measuring principle to artificially accelerate the oxidation process by using increased temperature and an excess of pure oxygen.


Oxidation primarily affects the stability of products during extended storage or thermal treatment and their lifetime.

Oxidation stability is an important quality criterion and often one of the most important properties of products in many industries.

Measuring the oxidation stability will provide you with vital information about the storage stability and shelf life of your product.

This application report will help you to preselect the suitable test conditions and testing device for your particular application.

The rapid small scale oxidation tester, RapidOxy 100, is a fast, safe and user-friendly alternative to traditional stability test methods. The instrument measures the induction period to determine the oxidation stability. The RapidOxy 100 procedure requires only a small sample quantity and the closed system guarantees a high precision of the test results in a fraction of time compared to other oxidation and storage stability test methods.

The RapidOxy 100 artificially accelerates the oxidation process by using increased temperature and oxygen pressure. It is a rapid test method to determine oxidation stability without preliminary sample preparation.

It is common practice of manufacturers to add antioxidants to formulas to enhance the oxidation stability of products. Depending on the sample the most suitable antioxidant has to be determined including its optimum concentration. The RapidOxy 100 is the perfect solution since only small quantities of costly antioxidants are necessary for a fast screening.

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