Determination of Camphor by Polarimetry

Camphor has an strong scent that is similar to eucalyptus, as well as being a mild local anesthetic and having antimicrobial properties. This is the reason why it is used in various medical fields. The camphor content in drugs can be determined according to AOAC 926.18 with polarimetry.

Camphor is a waxy, white crystalline solid substance, obtained from the tree Cinnamomum camphora with a strong scent which is similar to that of menthol. Its terpenoid is originally obtained by distillation of bark from camphor tree. Camphor has been used for many centuries:

▪ As an antiseptic

▪ As an aphrodisiac

▪ As a culinary spice

▪ As a component of incense

▪ For cold remedy

▪ For other medicinal purposes (1).

Nowadays, camphor is manufactured from turpentine oil and finds its application in products such as cold ointments, pain relief creams, balms and gels

Camphor is optically active and its quality can be tested using MCP polarimeters from Anton Paar. Anton Paar’s MCP 100/150 polarimeters are equipped with the latest technology, which ensures fast and reliable camphor measurements with most convenient operation. With their small size, MCP 100/150 polarimeters are the solution for limited space on the lab bench. Anton Paar’s MCP 5100/5300/5500 polarimeters are renowned for their modular concept. All options e.g. multiple wavelengths, can be upgraded later on site. This allows flexible adaption of the MCP polarimeters to every task. Furthermore they offer automatic sample cell- and quartz control plate identification (Toolmaster). The major benefit to get a real-time image of the inside of the cell (FillingCheck) makes the MCP 5100/5300/5500 polarimeter a perfect partner in camphor analysis.

In this report you are not only learning about the difference between natural and synthetic camphor and its applications but especially how easily you can analyze it by means of the polarimetric measurement technique using an Anton Paar polarimeter.

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