Detergents | ViscoQC Quality Control of Dishwashing Detergents

Analyzing the viscosity of liquid dishwashers at different speeds shows you how the detergent behaves during e.g. squeezing it out of the bottle. This application report can offer you a brief insight on typical measurements with ViscoQC 100/300.


A rotational viscometer like the ViscoQC is commonly used for the quality control of detergents. The viscosity of the detergent has influence of its flow behavior.

A well performing hand dishwashing agent should provide convenient dispersing and adequate aesthetic appeal to satisfy the user. For automated dosage systems of dishwashers, proper pumpability of the detergent with water is important.

Single point measurements were performed with ViscoQC 100 - R viscometer from Anton Paar GmbH according to ISO 2555 (infinite gap / relative values).

Multi-point measurements were performed with ViscoQC 300 - R viscometer from Anton Paar GmbH according to ISO 3219 (defined gap / absolute values) with temperature control.


  • Instrument: ViscoQC 100 -R / ViscoQC 300 - R + PTD 80
  • Spindle: RH2 + Guard R / CC18
  • Speed: 20 rpm and 40 rpm / 10 to 90 rpm
  • Temperature: ambient (~ +23 °C) / +25 °C
  • Sample: Liquid hand dishwashing agent


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