Density Measurement of Bitumen or Asphalt

Bituminous materials are residues of the distillation processes of coal or petroleum products. They are highly viscous or even solid at room temperature. For monitoring their quality, density measurement is used on a routine basis on the heated samples. DMA 4200 M fulfills these high demands.


Bituminous materials include bitumen (or asphalt, as it is called in some regions), pitch, tar and related substances. These substances, as well as certain crude oils, are highly viscous or even solid at room temperature, but melt at temperatures of 100 °C to 150 °C.

For quality control the density of these products is measured on a routine basis. However, to measure the density of such highly viscous samples, the samples have to be brought to elevated temperatures. DMA 4200 M operates at high temperatures and keeps the sample liquid during the measurement.

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