Density and Percent Solids of a Slurry

The variety of industrial applications for different slurries necessitates a reliable method for evaluating the density of these unique mixtures. Accurate and repeatable density measurements can be performed using the Ultrapyc series gas pycnometers. In addition, the percentage of solids in a slurry can be easily determined from gas pycnometry measurements.


A slurry is a mixture of dense solids suspended in a liquid. Slurries are used in a wide variety of applications:

  • Batteries
  • Cement/Concrete
  • Ceramics
  • Many others

Density is an important slurry property that is affected by the amount of solid suspended in the liquid. The challenge of measuring the density of a two-component system is easily handled using gas pycnometry. In particular, the Ultrapyc series gas pycnometers are ideally suited for slurry density measurement. Because there is usually some vapor pressure coming from the liquid component of the slurry, the Ultrapyc PowderProtect option to expand gas from the reference chamber into the sample chamber minimizes the effect of any vapor pressure and leads to accurate density measurements. Finally, with density measurements on the individual components of the slurry and on the slurry itself, the percent of solids in the slurry can be easily computed.

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