Defined Evaporation in HVT Vessels

Efficient evaporation of aqueous samples and digestion solutions is easily possible with the 24EVAP accessory for HVT rotors. No additional rotor is required as the accessory simply replaces the HVT vessel caps after the digestion run. A software-guided endpoint determination stops the evaporation process when the desired amount of residual volume is reached.


Prior to digestion aqueous samples (e.g. beverages, wastewater) often have to be reduced in volume in order to increase analyte concentrations. Also after a digestion process it may be necessary to reduce the acidic strength of the resulting solution.

The 24EVAP accessory is an innovative tool to enhance the fields of application for HVT rotors of Multiwave 5000. It is designed for fast, easy and comfortable evaporation of aqueous solutions in up to 24 vessels simultaneously.

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