Creep Behavior of Polyamide Immersed in Water

Polyamides are widely used in structural applications where time-dependent deformation under static long-term loads (creep) is an important aspect to observe. Herein an efficient creep test method is demonstrated using an air-bearing-based Modular Compact Rheometer.

Polyamides are among the most frequently used materials within the group of engineering polymers. They exhibit numerous important material properties, such as high strength, good dimensional stability at elevated temperatures and high wear-resistance which renders them an important material for a wide range of industries. When designing constructive parts made of polyamides, it is thus important to accurately assess the influence of moisture and temperature on the mechanical properties. For creep loading this is demonstrated in the present study by the use of a time-efficient creep test methodology applied for creep tests on polyamide 6 (PA 6) specimens immersed in water.

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