Cosmetics | Rotational Viscosity Testing of Make-up (Remover) with ViscoQC

How can viscosity testing support quality control of liquid make-up and make-up remover? This application report shows how simple viscosity measurements of cosmetic products with ViscoQC 100/300 help you to obtain steady and perfect consistency.


Liquid make-up and make-up remover should have diverse rheological properties to satisfy customers.

Producers must control the amount of force required to press the liquid out of the tube. This property is called yield point. The yield point (also called yield stress) is the lowest shear-stress value above which a material will behave like a fluid, and below which the material will act like a solid.

In general these liquids must have a shear-thinning flow behavior to allow users to apply them easily and evenly on the face.

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