Correlation Between Standard Cup and Mini-Cup of Fragrances and Perfumes (ABA 4, TAG 4 and PMA 5

Using the sample quantity stated in the standard for determining a flash point is not always possible. Sometimes a material is very expensive or only a small volume is available. As a solution Anton Paar offers the mini-cup for the flash point testers ABA 4, TAG 4 and PMA 5.


This Application Report describes the flash point determination of fragrance and perfume samples with the flash point testers ABA 4, TAG 4 and PMA 5 using the according standard test cups as well as the mini-cups. It was investigated whether the results achieved with the two cup sizes show a correlation making it possible to perform flash point tests when only a small sample amount is available.

Anton Paar has the suitable flash point testers for each type of measuring task in its product line. Tests according to standardized methods in the temperature range of -30 °C to 405 °C are possible – covering a wide range of applications. This includes: the petrochemical field, calibration and regulation authorities, transportation and shipping, engineering, waste management and the cosmetics and food industries.

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