Consistency of Ointment and Cream

The penetrometer PNR 12 is suitable for consistency measurements required in the pharmaceutical industry. Various test kits are available for different pharmaceutical products and standards like the official WHO method European Pharmacopoeia 2.9.9.

This application report gives an example on how to measure creams with Anton Paar’s penetrometer PNR 12.

Due to its easy handling and convertibility the PNR 12 has gained a wide scope of applications. It is suitable for products like creams manufactured by the cosmetics or the pharmaceutical industry.

The European Pharmacopoeia 2.9.9. is an official method especially for pharmacy products like ointment. 

Advantages of a Micro Cone Kit Compared to a Hollow Cone Kit

  • Small sample volume - Micro cup ≈4 mL (petrolatum cup ≈275 mL); ideally suited for samples of limited availability
  • Easy air bubble-free filling is possible
  • Shorter tempering time due to the small volume
  • Easy cleaning / low solvent consumption therefore environmentally friendly
  • Better reproducibility and repeatability
  • Wide consistency range
  • Most pharmacy producers prefer the micro cone method for ointment and cream

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