Consistency of Lotion and Balm

The penetrometer PNR 12 is suitable for consistency determinations in the cosmetics industry. Various test kits are available for different cosmetic products. The choice of the accessories depends on the consistency and conductivity of the sample.

This application report gives an example on how to measure lotions or other liquid-like products with a very low consistency with Anton Paar’s penetrometer PNR 12.

High Efficiency Due to Flexibility

The PNR 12 is a gravity penetrometer and measures the resistance a material provides against being pierced by a specifically shaped test body. This allows a rating of the plasticity or consistency of a product.

Due to its easy handling and convertibility the PNR 12 has gained a wide scope of applications. It is suitable for hard products like compact powder or soap as well as for creamy products like toothpaste and hair styling gel.

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