Coatings, Paints | Determining Rheological Properties with RheolabQC

Rheological measurements of paints and coatings build the basis for the evaluation of their quality. The 'thixotropic behavior' of two textured coatings is compared based on Structural regeneration, surface leveling and sagging behavior. This application report can offer you a brief insight on typical measurements for quality control with the RheolabQC.

The application behavior of two textured coatings is investigated. Structural regeneration, surface leveling and sagging behavior are significant quality characteristics for coatings.

These characteristics are also referred to as 'thixotropic behavior' and contribute substantially to whether a product is viewed negatively or positively by the end user.

Experimental Setup


Textured coatings and textured dispersion paints are special-effect coatings with the properties of a top coating. They form, in contrast to base coats, a thick layer of coating which can be structured after application using a special roller, spatula or brush.

A top coating is the final layer which seals the coating layers and protects them against weather conditions and other influences. One- and two-component formulations are used in waterborne and solvent-borne variants for general industrial coatings.

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