Chocolate! How Does It Melt and Flow? Measurements with the MCR 72

The rheological properties of chocolate influence its feeling in the mouth as well as its process characteristics. A method for the determination of the yield point and the viscosity of chocolate is presented in this report.


The aim of chocolate makers is to achieve a certain structure by the spatial arrangement of crystals. The desired structure is achieved through the natural ingredients of chocolate as well as additives such as emulsifiers, and through the management of the production process itself. These quality factors are reflected in the rheological variables, yield point and viscosity, which can be directly measured by using a rheometer. Because of its compactness and robustness, the MCR 72 is well suited for making such measurements in the quality control of chocolate. This report describes how the MCR 72 can determine both the yield point and the viscosity function from one measurement in a short time, with three different types of chocolate as examples. The measurements and analysis were conducted in accordance with IOCCC 2000.

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